Charlotte Hotels Filled With Bed Bugs

Charlotte bed bugs

Charlotte bed bugsWith thousands of visitors flooding Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention — filling 15,000 hotel rooms spread across 150 hotels, according to Fox Charlotte — there’s bound to be a few bad hotel experiences. Yet if some members of the media are to be believed, the city’s hotels are rife with drug deals, prostitution and bed bugs. Do you believe it?

ABC News reports that Democratic delegates from America Samoa, Guam, Connecticut and Iowa were assigned to the worst hotels, according to TripAdvisor. Delegates from Florida said they were happy with their accommodations as well as Charlotte’s job as host city.

While the allegations of prostitution and drugs have not been substantiated, past reports of bed bugs in Charlotte hotels signal a more legitimate concern.

The Washington Times reports that nine hotels in the area have had issues with the pesky critters, with a number of complaints about their presence in the past year. Charlotte ranks 33rd among America’s most-infested bed bug cities, while Tampa, where the Republican National Convention was held last week, didn’t make the top 50.

Any concerned delegates or media members who feel like they’re stuck in the Overlook Hotel won’t need to suffer much longer, though; the DNC wraps up tonight with a speech from President Obama.

John Cook of Gawker piled on in a post titled, “I Hate the Democratic National Convention, This Is Terrible.” He called his hotel a “shithole” and described it as a “$250-a-night mildewy rathole for truckers and prostitutes on a decimated strip mall.”

Someone appearing to be management for the Marriott City Center responded to a bedbug complaint with the following statement:

“The Charlotte Marriott City Center maintains strict cleanliness standards, which includes constant monitoring and routine assessments of guestrooms and public space. We pride ourselves on providing quality conscientious attention to the property and guests.”

With a recent flare-up during the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, USA, demonstrating just how quickly such reports can damage a hotel’s reputation online. Charlotte tourism officials noted that the DNC committee handled all hotel assignments for media, in addition to those for delegates.



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